In the soundtrack of Disney’s Tarzan, Phil Collins sang “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” Our People rely on one another for knowledge and support, navigating each challenge as a TEAM. At the outset, we may not always know the answer; but when we collaborate, we can achieve anything. And while we typically recognize one individual in our Hugh Chatham Way Highlight, this week, we just couldn’t choose between two outstanding team members – both of whom are known for their teamwork, reliability, quick response time and pride in workmanship. This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight celebrates Billy Ashley and Matthew West, from our Plant Operations department.

Brent Slate, Director of Plant Operations notes this about Billy: “Billy has a great work ethic and working relationship with team members across the organization. His primary focus is on the off-site offices. Billy is always available, taking pride in keeping our facilities maintained throughout the year. Billy takes care of daily operations and conducts life safety inspections each month. He is a great asset to the Plant Operations Department and to our organization.”

Brent continues with this about Matthew: “Matthew is our up and coming “young gun” for Plant Operations. He has been with us for three years and has been building his knowledge base around Plant Operations at HCMH. On a daily basis, Matthew helps with facility maintenance at the hospital, touching on every aspect from nurse call, HVAC, telephone, life safety and more. Matthew is patient and helpful to everyone that needs his assistance. He is always willing to help where needed no matter how big or small the job. Like Billy, Matthew is an asset to the Plant Operations Department and our organization.”

Thank you, Billy and Matthew, for your daily contributions and for choosing to share your natural abilities and passion for excellence right here at Hugh Chatham.

– Paul

Q & A with Matt & Billy:

How did you come to Hugh Chatham?
Billy – 13 years ago I decided to leave my other job. I thought about working here when I was sick in the hospital and I saw security walking around. That made me want to pursue a position here.

Matt – My wife works here at the lab and it always seemed like a great place to work. I kept looking throughout the years and found a plant-ops opportunity. I have done maintenance at a factory and been a mechanic for many years. It is what I have always done.

How do you and your team exhibit STARS?
Billy – If I ever need help, I know I can always ask someone. I love my job and love the people in the off-site offices.

Matt – As far as teamwork and accountability, we all work well together and are all on the same playing field. We do what needs to be done and we just take care of it.

What inspired you to work in Plant Operations?
Billy – When I saw there was an opening, I took advantage of it. I have always loved to piddle around with stuff and help people out.

Matt – My Dad was an industrial electrician for 35 years and I grew up watching him do things similar to what I do now.

What do you like to do for fun?
Billy – I farm some on the side. I raise cows and have two donkeys.

Matt – I like working on and restoring cars. I also enjoy watching my boys’ ball games.


Billy Ashley and Matthew West were nominated by Paul Hammes.