American educator and presidential adviser Booker T. Washington said “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight focuses on a group of team members within the hospital who recently were visited by the surviving partner of a patient, who made a special visit to show her gratitude for the kindness she received, and the exceptional care provided. Join me in honoring our Hugh Chatham Emergency Department Team.

Monica Keener, Nurse Practitioner and ED Clinical Nurse Manager, shared that “this patient recently presented via EMS after collapsing at home. CPR had been administered by EMS for approximately 45 minutes prior to arrival, and after his partner had performed life-saving measures of her own. Upon arrival to the ED, CPR continued for approximately 1 hour. Our team did not give up on this patient until all potential measures had been exhausted. Though our efforts were not successful, our team performed heroically while showing genuine kindness and compassion to the patient’s entire family. As always, patient care in our ED is a team effort. Those involved included Dr. Rody, Nursing Staff, EMS, and Respiratory Therapy team members. Though the outcome was tragic, the patient’s significant other was allowed to say her final goodbyes. Recently, she returned to our facility to personally, if not tearfully, thank those whose efforts were exhaustive, and whose great sensitivity and caring was so meaningful during a time of unexpected loss.”

Sometimes it is during life’s most difficult moments that we experience, and exchange, tremendous love and support. I am so grateful to the team members involved in this patient’s care, and whose care for our community’s emergent needs makes all the difference for patients and loved ones, each and every day.