Mitch Albom, American journalist and musician, said, “Devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight focuses on a team member who diligently organizes and manages the nutrition provided for our patients. This is a tremendous undertaking which she handles with great knowledge and intention. Join me in celebrating Sahar Safaie, Clinical Nutrition Manager at Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital.

Warren Bates, Director of Food and Environmental Services/Safety Officer, said “Sahar is very deserving of recognition. She does a consistently outstanding job of taking care of our patients and working hard to meet their needs and wants. In addition, she works closely with Lindsey and our staff to ensure that we are providing the best service possible to our patients. She and Lindsey also do a terrific job on the clinical side and they work very well with the entire clinical care team on behalf of our patients. She is truly a servant leader and it is great to have Sahar on our team.”  Lindsey Wilcox, Clinical Dietitian, continues by saying, “Sahar is a thoughtful and kindhearted person. It’s a pleasure to work with her.”

Sahar, we celebrate your commitment to the health and safety of our patients and are very grateful to have you here at Hugh Chatham!


Q & A with Sahar

How did you come to Hugh Chatham?
I transferred within my company (Sodexo) from Texas to North Carolina to be closer to my family. I’ve worked with Sodexo going on 8 years and Hugh Chatham is the longest hospital I’ve had the pleasure to serve (just celebrated my 5 year anniversary with the hospital this past June).

What led you to a career in healthcare?
My family had hoped I would become a doctor but considering that many medical conditions such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, certain cancers and many others can be affected by (and sometimes the result of) our dietary and lifestyle choices, it felt the right calling was to pursue a career in nutrition. Thankfully my family agreed and were very supportive of me becoming a dietitian.

How do you and your team exhibit STARS?
I would consider our department to be fortunate to have Warren Bates as an excellent leader and a rare embodiment of the STARS virtues. His gentle encouragement and staunch confidence in me has helped me evolve into my role as Clinical Nutrition Manager and given me the realization that a leader is only as good as the team they help prosper for success. I see the importance in this, not only in my department but in others, whether it’s helping them with patients, food and nutrition, or policies/procedures, or giving them encouragement during tough times.

What do you like to do for fun?
I enjoy hikes in the beautiful parks of North Carolina, stimulating discussions in my book club, relaxing to yoga, and video games or board games with my friends and family.


Sahar Safaie was nominated by Mary Blackburn.