One thing that sets Hugh Chatham apart from the rest is our passion for excellence – to do more than what is required, with sincerity, and to do it exceptionally well. William Hazlitt, famous essayist and literary critic, quotes, “A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.” This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight focuses on Mammography Technologist, Amy Vestal, a team member who naturally exhibits these qualities and exemplifies our core value of Service with everyone she meets, and in everything she does.

Missy Church, Director of Imaging, quotes, “Amy is a true go-getter! You ask her to do something, consider it done and done well! She is always willing to help in any way and loves a good challenge. She is a loyal and dedicated Mammography Technologist. She frequently comes in on her days off to perform breast biopsies to ensure that her patients don’t experience any delays in getting their results. The surgeons are always complimentary of Amy’s expertise and confidence in her role. I value Amy for always providing exceptional, compassionate patient care. We are very fortunate to have her on the Hugh Chatham Team!”

Bridget Ross, a fellow Mammography Technician, says, “Amy is always on top of things. I can depend on her because she gets things done. She is a leader in our department and really cares about her patients. Amy is very knowledgeable from her years of experience. She is also a very dependable person.”

Thank you, Amy, for making our patients feel welcome and comfortable. Your approach to quality care extends beyond a machine or scan – you change the lives of your patients for the better. One at a time.


Q & A with Amy

How did you come to Hugh Chatham?
When Hugh Chatham received their first biopsy machine, no one had done a biopsy here before. Initially, I worked at Baptist for 12 years and was really experienced in biopsies. Because of that, I came up to Hugh Chatham to help with biopsies and have been here since 2004. I have now celebrated 17 years here.

What inspired your interest in radiology?
When I was 16 years old, I was in a car wreck and broke my neck. I was in the hospital for ten days at Baptist. I had always known I wanted to be in the medical field but wasn’t quite sure what to do. The radiology department took care of me so well after the wreck, and it inspired me because I found a way to pursue my interests and take care of people.

What are your clinical interests?
I truly believe that God gave me the gift to help patients with their breast biopsies and mammography appointments.

How do you and your team exhibit STARS?
We try to take care of our patients in a timely fashion, and we do not want them to wait. We try to reassure them when they are here because it is a very “scary” test, even if it is a screening mammogram. Everyone is very anxious, and our team tries to put them at ease, answer all of their questions, and be gentle with them.

What do you like to do for fun?
I love to go to the beach. We typically go to Myrtle Beach and Emerald Isle. We used to camp a lot when my kids were growing up, but we haven’t done that in years. I enjoy spending vacation time with my family. Everything I do is for my husband, kids, and dogs.


Amy Vestal was nominated by Andrew Tate.