This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight is a very special edition, as we recognize the fantastic care provided by our Surgical Services Team during a recent experience of one of our own providers, Dr. William Martin, Medical Director of the Anesthesiology Department. Their compassion and attention to detail made his hospital stay smooth and pleasant and he had nothing but positive remarks to share about the whole process.

“I had my surgery on March 23rd and everything went very well. I felt compelled to let you know that it was one the most professional, empathetic and flawless healthcare experiences in my life. From the very beginning in pre-op, everyone was caring and accommodating with me and my wife. That carried throughout the OR and PACU. I arrived to the second floor near the rehab/PT arena and was immediately met by the team members that would be taking care of me. They communicated with my wife and I and were professional, yet pleasant and accommodating. They had no idea that I even worked at Hugh Chatham however they treated me as if I was their only patient. There were so many different people involved that I do not want to name individuals at the risk of leaving someone out. They all did a fantastic job.”

“Within three hours of leaving PACU, I was up and walking with a walker to the nurses’ station and back! The following day I did the same, went up and down stairs, and was then discharged! My pain level was immediately so much less than my original pain level and my wife was amazed at how much better my gait was as compared to before. We both worked at Forsyth Medical Center and she is still affiliated with Novant. She was amazed at how well things were organized and executed and with such compassion and empathy.”

“Dr. Snyder and the OR team should be applauded on their great skill set and organization. Of course, I would be remit if I didn’t mention the fantastic care I received by the anesthesia team (Dr. deVilmoring and Brian Carrol)!!”

“You and the HCMH leadership should be extremely proud of the care our patients receive.”

A huge thank you to the entire team responsible for Dr. Martin’s excellent care. Your dedication is inspiring, and because of you, we will continue to provide the highest quality healthcare, with service as our guiding principle.