This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight team member embodies the words of Jay Danzie: “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” She is the first to greet our visitors and brilliantly demonstrates Hugh Chatham’s core values of STARS (service, teamwork, accountability, respect, and safe care) with every encounter. This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight is our Registration Clerk, Deborah Woods.

Anna Robinson, Hugh Chatham’s Revenue Cycle Director, stated “Deborah works within the Business Services Department, operating our switchboard and greeting visitors at our main entrance. Deborah is a vital part of the daily operations and communications of Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital. She always greets patients, visitors, and vendors as they enter our building in a friendly and compassionate way. While answering incoming calls, Deborah is steadfast in providing exceptional customer service. Thank you, Deborah, for representing our hospital in such a positive way — each and every day“.

Deborah’s co-worker and pre-admission coordinator, Patsy Holt, describes Deborah as “dependable, knowledgeable, and excellent at managing the switchboard.” Jessica Hakemeier, Assistant Business Services Director, continues this sentiment with, “Deborah is a great asset to our department and hospital. She knows her job so well. Deborah treats others how she would like to be treated in their time of need, which is why she is excellent at the service she provides.”

We are thankful for Deborah’s kindness and welcoming nature, and are fortunate to have her as such a fine representation of the Hugh Chatham Way. Thank you, Deborah… for being you.

– Paul

Q & A with Deborah

How did you come to Hugh Chatham?
“When I got out of college, I simply put in an application. Next week will be 17 years at Hugh Chatham. I initially started in the ER, and also spent time in insurance, but I found my niche when I went to the switchboard.”

What do you love the most about operating the switchboard?
“Communication. I love being able to talk to so many different people and helping them find what they need.”

On a typical day, what do you do?
“I receive all calls that come in and transfer them to where they need to go. I help anyone who comes through our doors. If screeners are unavailable, I can help and direct people through the initial screening process. I try to lead people in the right direction. I also help out with business office things when they need an extra hand.”

Do you have any tips on how to communicate with so many different people?
“People will need things. Try to find out where people need to go and if you don’t know, there is always someone willing to help.”

What do you like to do for fun?
“I love to watch my grandchildren’s ball games; they are in high school and love to play. I have grandchildren from 17 up to 25, and there are 7 of them. I have three children, including two girls and a boy. My husband passed away, so it is me, my kids, and the grandkids. I really enjoy spending time with family.”


Deborah Woods was nominated by Kent Thompson.