Minor Myers, Jr, American educator and author, said “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight focuses on a team member who is sincerely respected and deeply loved by his team. No matter the obstacle or circumstance, he works hard to care for patients and support his team. Join me as we proudly celebrate Emergency Room CNA, Bill Hutchens.

Bill’s team members were honored to share a few words about how much he means to them.

“Bill is my hero when we work together. Somehow he is always present when something needs to be done. He never complains and always shines through with his smile. All patients love having Bill as part of their care team – he makes them feel important.”
– Roger Horton, Paramedic

“Bill is a good friend. We were hired the same day. Bill and I have become pretty close. He is a hard worker and fun to be around. You never know what he’s going to say, and of course, he would say the same about me. He is a strong person and a fighter.”
– Danny Sumner, 3rd Floor Unit Secretary

“Bill, a true gentleman, was the first CNA to train me when I came to Hugh Chatham. He has been a constant source of enjoyment and teaching for five years now. Bill is one of the hardest working people I know and is always trying to help anyone and everyone around him. Bill and his impact on me and his team will not be soon forgotten.”
– Jonathon Koger, ED Coordinator

“Bill has the ability to connect and form relationships with both staff and patients. He is a hard worker, a team player, and is an asset to our ED Team. No matter what he is going through, he continues to show up and make a difference in the lives of our patients and staff alike.”
– Monica Keener, ED Clinical Nurse Manager

Bill, thank you for your commitment to Hugh Chatham and for everything you do to help your team members and patients. You inspire us all and you make a true difference in the lives of others. It is a blessing to have you here!


Bill Hutchens was nominated by Mary Blackburn.