“Esprit de corps”, or “spirit of the group” in the Latin language, is a notable reference to the People of Hugh Chatham. The spirit of Hugh Chatham originates in its foundation, one that’s built upon our core values of service, teamwork, accountability, and safe care (STARS). This week’s Hugh Chatham Highlight focuses on a team member who naturally embodies this spirit, and has a passion for providing education, support and guidance to others in the organization and community. This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight is Tabatha Loyd, ACO Department Manager.

Tabatha and her team develop an initial relationship with their patients by phone, computer or direct patient care; however the impact they have on the lives of their patients is lasting. Tabatha empowers her team to take pride in providing the best care, resources and information available. She is present, positive and accountable on a daily basis and possesses the knowledge and skillset vital to advancing her team’s goals, centered upon the wellbeing of our community.

Annette Laws, newest ACO member, explained that Tabatha always makes her feel welcomed and inspires others to be passionate about their work. Tina Craddock, ACO Health Navigator said “Tabatha is very helpful to her coworkers, as well as a great leader. She is always available, reminding us, “If you don’t know, just ask me.” Since I have started working here, she has always made me feel like I was truly a part of this team.” Rachel Bauguess, ACO Patient Care Advocate, stated “Tabatha is a wonderful person and an even more wonderful manager. She always encourages us to offer ideas on ways to improve our processes and validates our ideas even if they aren’t a current fit. I have not once regretted my choice in accepting the job in the ACO department, and the primary reason for that is Tabatha. I truly enjoy coming to work every day.” Sharon Hanks, ACO Healthcare Navigator, continues this sentiment by saying “Tabatha is wonderful to work for. She is an exemplary leader. Tabatha makes coming to work enjoyable with her upbeat and can-do attitude. She challenges each of us every day to be better than we were the day before and that is what makes the ACO a great place to work. We are a tight-knit group and she is the thread that keeps us tied together. She is a wonderful asset to the ACO and to Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital.”

At Hugh Chatham, we pride ourselves on being a place where people love to work and have been recognized as a “Best Place to Work” for many years. Committed leaders who role model our values, coach and develop our people, and see healthcare as a calling make all the difference. Thank you Tabatha for your leadership, and for so naturally embodying the Hugh Chatham Way.


Q & A with Tabatha

How did you get started at Hugh Chatham?
“I actually attended a recruitment event for a nursing role, and I was surprised to find out that Hugh Chatham had ACO opportunities available. I worked in accountable care in Statesville, and they were initially considering dissolving the company because they were more interested in value-based care instead of quality-based care. I have a passion for improving quality care, which is why I believe ACO is the best fit for me.”

So, I attended the recruitment fair, and I actually handed my resume to Mary Blackburn. A couple of months went by, and I initially thought I hadn’t gotten the role. But, then Hugh Chatham contacted me, and I thought it was so awesome! Hugh Chatham is the best of both worlds and by improving our quality we garner more shared savings.”

What do you do for the ACO?

“We review reports from charts on data from the insurance companies and find gaps in care after the insurance companies outline how we meet quality standards. We receive incentivized payments from insurance companies by taking care of patients. We make sure the patients receive high-quality care and our focus is on the Hugh Chatham primary care locations.”

What is your favorite part of your role?

“I like working hand and hand with the offices and getting the patient what they need. For example, if a patient is discharged and misplaced an item between Hugh Chatham and home, I find a solution. It is a part of our transitional program to find the item and make sure that care elements do not fall through the cracks. I find it very rewarding that our program can make a big difference in a patient’s life.”

How does your team exemplify STARS?

“We showcase all of the values, but the two we exhibit the most are accountability and teamwork. We are the accountable care organization, so we have an approach that we all represent the organization. Our patients are 100% the focus of what we are doing. We support 6,200 lives throughout the entire organization with five different insurance payers. When you care what the patient gets out of it, it reflects better upon your whole organization. It creates accountability to identify gaps within care locations if it helps benefit the patient. We joke around that we are like Santa’s Elves because you don’t really see us however we help “Santa” deliver the necessary care to patients.”

What do you like to do for fun?
“I am currently pregnant and am due in early July. I am pretty nerdy, and I enjoy playing video games like HALO on XBOX, or Nintendo games like Mario, Zelda, etc. I also like watching my son play games. Our family is very tech-oriented, as my husband is a software engineer. I also enjoy reading romance novels like sci-fi romance. In addition to our growing family, I decided to go back to school for my Master’s in Healthcare Administration at Appalachian State University. I am always busy and I am half-way done with my program – just one more year to go!”


Tabatha Loyd was nominated by Mary Blackburn.