Working together to deliver exceptional outcomes is a concept rooted within Hugh Chatham’s core values, and visible across our organization on a daily basis. This team mentality spans two states and seventeen counties, allowing us the opportunity to impact the lives of more than 250,000 each year. This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight focuses on a clinician who leads and supports her fellow team members, travels hundreds of miles per week to help others, and guides her patients to live happily and independently at home. Join me in celebrating Yadkin Valley Home Health’s Lead Occupational Therapist, Nicole “Nikki” Janes.

Lauren Ledford, Executive Director of YVHH and Rehabilitation Services, quotes, “Nikki Janes is a fantastic Team Lead for the Yadkin Valley Home Health Occupational Therapy team. She is an invaluable resource and is always willing to go above and beyond expectations for her patients and her team. Nikki is the direct supervisor for all occupational therapists. She schedules patient caseloads and coverage for inpatient OT and home health, trains new employees, completes monthly employee and patient rounding, and so much more. Nikki is also an active member in the YVHH Patient Satisfaction Team consistently offering feedback and suggestions to improve not only patient experience, but also employee experience.”

“Nikki is well respected by each team member we have. She has really played a key role for not only our OTs, but also our home health aides”, states Krissy Hensley, Office Operations Manager at Yadkin Valley Home Health. Deborah Gray, Clinical Services Coordinator at Yadkin Valley Home Health continues by saying, “Nikki goes above and beyond for her patients and coworkers. She is an excellent clinician, and uses that same creativity and passion to motivate everyone that works with her. We are very fortunate to have her on our team!”

It is always our PEOPLE who make a lasting impact in the lives of our patients and community members. Living autonomously can so often be taken for granted, but care providers like Nikki help patients gain control over their lives, providing them with the gift of comfort, security and freedom.

– Paul

Q & A with Nikki

Why did you come to Yadkin Valley Home Health?
“I was looking for a good opportunity to serve my community and found it!”

What do you do every day?
“I work with home health and am the lead Occupational Therapist. I help coordinate all the schedules for the other OTs, and I go into patients’ homes to help them with their daily tasks to feel comfortable living independently.”

How do you exemplify STARS?
“We make patient care and teamwork our number one priority.”

What do you like to do for fun?
“I love hiking and spending time with my 13-month-old baby and husband. We enjoy going to the mountains, and I enjoy other things are a bit old lady-esque, like crocheting. My current project is a baby blanket.”


Nicole Janes was nominated by Andrew Tate.