Avid gardeners know that the fruits of their labor take time. Just ask Dr. Beverly Byrd, one of our favorite resident horticulturists! It may take a few seasons reap and harvest bright flowers, delicious fruits, and farmer’s market-ready vegetables. And of course, all of this takes patience and dedication. In some ways, our team at Hugh Chatham cultivates best practices through education, practice, and with long view in mind. This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight is inspired by someone who selflessly contributes her training, natural abilities and passion to improve the lives of our patients and support her fellow team members. I’m pleased to recognize Lori Reynolds, QA Coordinator for Yadkin Valley Home Health.

Lauren Ledford, Executive Director of YVHH and Rehabilitation Services, said, “Lori Reynolds has been a vital member of the YVHH team for several years. Every person that walks in the door or calls the office, knows they will get the support they need from Lori. When speaking with associates at partner agencies, they quickly point out that Lori seems to be able to accomplish what 2 or 3 of their full-time employees might. Lori is a constant smiling face (even behind her mask!), and guaranteed to make you laugh on your most challenging day. She helps new team members learn home health Medicare regulations such as OASIS assessments, and teaches them how to complete thorough and accurate documentation. Lori is a source of reassurance and encourages others to reach out to her at any time with questions. She cares about our team and our patients, and often is the first to volunteer to get a special supply order to a patient’s home, no matter how many charts she has to code. Lori is a true gem to the Yadkin Valley Home Health team, and we are blessed to work with her!”

Nurse Manager, Wendy McCall, RN, MSN continues the high praise: “Lori is someone who can instantly make you laugh, and brighten your day with a simple and encouraging comment. I sometimes visit her office just to get a pick-me-up! I appreciate her and her willingness to share knowledge with everyone. She is genuine and good-hearted. She is a great asset to YVHH!”

Thank you, Lori, for being a role model, and a reliable source of knowledge and encouragement to others.


Q & A with Lori

How did you come to Yadkin Valley Home Health?
When I started at Hugh Chatham, I was an aide on the third floor of the skills unit before the nurse’s center was established. I also worked in case management but then chose to leave and work in dialysis because of a personal experience with a family member. Once I had my daughter, I needed a schedule with more freedom and came to Yadkin Valley Home Health.

What do you do on a daily basis?
I code charts, which means I look at a patient’s referral and add the appropriate codes to use. I look over the OASIS which is a form that clinicians will complete for each patient. I ensure that everything is correct for every patient on our census. The goal for home health is to take care of the patients, and we are doing what we are supposed to do by keeping track of patient improvements.

What are your clinical interests?
I have done Med/Surg for years, dialysis, and home health because the hours are very flexible. When I returned to the hospital in case management, an opportunity to work in coding was presented and that brought me here. Now they are stuck with me. I have learned new skills through grit and perseverance and have grown as a professional because coding was a new concept that I wasn’t used to.

What do you like to do for fun?
I love spending time with my family and playing with my flowers including pansies and geraniums. My husband always looks at me like I am goofy when I am transplanting things in the yard. My grandma had a green thumb, and I learned most of my gardening skills from her.


Lori Reynolds was nominated by Andrew Tate.