Oprah Winfrey once said, “The energy we put out in the world is the energy we get back.” Hugh Chatham, collectively, is a gleaming representation of its people who are exceptionally kind, diligent, and dedicated to our patients, their fellow team members, and to our community. Simply put, our people ARE the Hugh Chatham Way. Let there be no doubt — our future success will continue to be fueled by our team members, whose actions personify our core values of: Service, Teamwork, Accountability, Respect, and Safe Care (“STARS”). It is a pleasure to recognize this week’s shining Hugh Chatham “star”, Kathy Holloway.

When asked to describe this week’s nominee, Cheryl Pardue stated, “Kathy starts her day with a smile and a laugh. She is pleasant to work with and always keeps the department upbeat. Kathy takes her responsibility very seriously to make sure each employee, no matter their position, is paid accurately and timely. She works with all departments to field questions concerning time and attendance and works very closely with Human Resources to ensure that each employee is financially cared for in the best possible manner. There is so much more to “payroll” than just our paycheck; Kathy makes sure that every employee is well taken care of.”

We are blessed to have such a competent, kind, and detail-oriented team member in Kathy focused on our payroll and benefits. A true subject matter expert who also is exceptionally reliable, Kathy’s warm and friendly approach reflects her belief that our people come first.

Learn more about Kathy Holloway, in this week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight Q&A Session below.


– Paul

Q & A with Kathy

Tell me about your role at Hugh Chatham?
“My main duty is running the payroll for the hospital. Additionally, I handle benefit deductions for benefit plans; I love to file for those. Also, it is fun to sort the HSA accounts, retirement plans, 401K, 403B-57B, and then running the census reports for Fidelity plan connect and meal deductions. I work as a liaison for Fidelity plan connect; I am the in-between person from the Hugh Chatham employees and the information. I complete the federal reports like contribution changes, loans, address changes and complete those every two weeks. Additionally, there are some employees that match out their contributions by the end of the year. Without getting into too much detail, that is basically what I do!”

What led to your passion for finances?
“I have been with the hospital for 10.5 years with four of those years spent in HR. I have always liked helping people but I also enjoy working with numbers because it makes sense and it is cut and dry.”

What led you to Hugh Chatham?
“Well, I have always thought Hugh Chatham is a great place to work. My first year, I worked part-time in inpatient rehab and part-time in marketing. I loved marketing because you were able to meet everyone and help with health fairs. You never had the same routine and they helped me learn where everything was. I knew Hugh Chatham would be a great place to work and a place you can retire from.”

What are some things you like to do for fun?
“I am an outside person. I love to complete landscaping and I used to ride horses but not as much anymore. Flowers are my favorite to plant. I have a ton of pansies that have perked from when I planted them in March. They get a bit too hot around June, so I try not to kill them by planting them under the trees. Since summer is coming, I will plant some petunias that love direct sunlight.

One of my latest projects was working with our fence; I planted evergreens, bird feeders, red bird houses, and whiskey barrels that won’t obstruct your view of the Brushy Mountains. It now looks friendly and country.

We bought our house about eight years, and we have done a lot of remodeling since it is older. It had a little landscaping, but I have added a lot, and now it’s my thing.”


Kathy Holloway was nominated by Paul Hammes.