Diana Caudill



Here at Hugh Chatham, our goal is to provide each and every patient with an exceptional overall experience. Our People focus their efforts on creating a safe environment while providing top notch care and service. We are focused on attracting top talent – team members who naturally exude comfort, connection and positivity. These are qualities that cannot be fabricated, or forced. They simply are, who we are.

Singer-songwriter Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I’m delighted to recognize Diana Caudill in this week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlights, for naturally exuding our Core Values of Service, Teamwork, Accountability, Respect, and Safe Care, and who is recognized among her peers and patients for creating an environment that is warm and welcoming. Thank you, Diana, for your commitment and years of service here at Hugh Chatham.

Learn more about Diana through the Q&A session, below.

– Paul

Q & A with Diana

What led you to Women’s Health?
“Women’s health is all I have ever wanted to do. When I went to nursing school, I wanted do something with obstetrics. I feel super lucky that I was able to go straight into women’s health after school. It is all I have ever done and it is all I have ever wanted to do. I can’t imagine doing anything else – this is where I want to be.”

What is your role at Hugh Chatham Women’s Center?
“I am the Clinical Coordinator at Hugh Chatham Women’s Center. I also work closely with Kristy Whitesides, Certified Nurse Midwife. I assist with patient care and help ensure smooth interactions with patients and staff. I like to make sure everyone has what they need.”

What led you to Hugh Chatham?
“This is my neighborhood, hometown hospital and I live just a few minutes away. It has always been the hospital next door and I’ve always heard great things about working here. I started working at Hugh Chatham in 2006 where I began my career in Labor and Delivery. After 8 years I moved to Blue Ridge Women’s Center, which later transitioned to Hugh Chatham Women’s Center.”

What are some of your clinical interests?
“I love being there throughout a patient’s pregnancy, from the first ultrasound to the birth of their baby. I also enjoy fetal monitoring since this is a part of my background as a labor and delivery nurse. It is one of my favorite things to do.”

What are some things you like to do for fun?
“I am married to my husband, Aaron, and we have four children. Our absolute favorite thing to do is camping. We have camping trips scheduled all summer long. We also love going to the lake and just being outside!”


Diana Caudill was nominated by Andrew Tate.