American author, L. Frank Baum, once said “No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.” This week’s Hugh Chatham Way Highlight focuses on a team member who is not only an expert in her field, but also understands that things are always changing and can quickly adapt if needed. When she encounters something new or different in the accounting world, she works hard to understand the process so it can be implemented correctly. She is a great asset to her team and they know they can depend on her. Join me in celebrating Kayla Wagoner, Staff Accountant with Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital.

Cheryl Pardue, Controller, said “Kayla is one of the smartest individuals I have ever worked with. There is nothing that she can’t do or figure out how to do. She is eager to help wherever needed.”

Cathryn Cline, Staff Accountant, continues by saying “Kayla is indispensable. No matter how busy she is, she always finds time to help those in need. Not only here at Hugh Chatham, but in her personal life, as well. I consider myself lucky to not only have her as my coworker, but also my friend.”

Thank you, Kayla, for being so good at what you do. We truly appreciate your knowledge and your many contributions to the accounting team. We are blessed to have you here at Hugh Chatham!


Q & A with Kayla

How did you come to Hugh Chatham?
My job prior to becoming a Hugh Chatham employee had some future uncertainties. My boss at the time, David Cline, encouraged me to apply  for a position in the accounting department and the rest is history.

What led you to a career in healthcare?
I had a little healthcare experience before starting at Hugh Chatham. I worked at another local hospital as a Patient Registration Representative in the ED, then transferred to a position in the Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Tech while going to school. Healthcare was not where I thought my career would be now. I worked in finance, but nothing like healthcare finance. When I started at Hugh Chatham I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew and I was in a foreign land where I couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying. (And somedays still do.) I am glad I decided to take a chance at the unknown and become part of the healthcare world.

How do you and your team exhibit STARS?
I consider the entire organization my team! I have had an opportunity to work with a lot of people and areas in the organization. It definitely takes us all working together to exhibit all aspects of STARS. I have learned so much from each department leader and others in their respective departments which has helped me in my job and role at Hugh Chatham and for that I am thankful. I always try my best to be helpful and useful to everyone I get an opportunity to work with.

What do you like to do for fun?
Spend time with my kids and family. I have two kids – Bowen, 11 and Isabella, 8. They both keep my busy with their extracurricular activities. When I am not being a  football/baseball mom I am learning how to be a “Dance Mom.” I also like to make artificial flower arrangements.


Kayla Wagoner was nominated by Mary Blackburn.