An important part of the total health care experience at Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital is religious support. This support comes from the faith community, from chaplains and from several other sources.

  • A chaplain is available at all times. If you would like to talk with the chaplain, please ask your nurse to arrange a visit.
  • The chapel, located just beyond the main entrance to the hospital, is open 24 hours a day for prayer and meditation.
  • Prayer Shawl Program: The HCMH Foundation department, the Hospital Auxiliary and the hospital chaplain work together to provide prayer, comfort and warmth to patients in extreme circumstances. While visiting with patients, the chaplain will identify patients who may be in extreme health care crisis. At the patient’s request, the hospital will provide a prayer shawl provided by volunteer knitters in the community that say prayers of healing for the person receiving the shawl.

The shawl will be presented with a card, which reads:

“Lord, let this prayer shawl enfold me as your love does. Let its comfort remind me of your love and its beauty of your splendor. Allow me to draw strength from the prayers that were woven into its pattern.”

Hugh Chatham Prayer Shawl Program
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