The Hugh Chatham Pharmacy serves patients as well as physicians and other health care professionals with timely, safe, effective and cost-effective medication delivery.

Hugh Chatham Pharmacy pharmacists are responsible for the safe and effective use of medications within the hospital. Pharmacists review all medication orders to prevent possible drug and food interactions, prevent possible contraindications (including allergies), and ensure that the medication and dosage are appropriate for the patient. Physicians frequently consult pharmacists to provide medication and dosage recommendations.

The following people may have their prescriptions filled at the hospital pharmacy:

  • Employees and their immediate families
  • HCMH Retirees
  • Active members of the medical and dental staff


  • Dispensing medications to hospital patients and employees and their families
  • Monitoring adverse drug reactions and medication errors
  • Adjustment of medication dosages based on renal function
  • Review of all culture and sensitivity reports and subsequent antibiotic recommendations
  • Working with lab personnel to produce a yearly antibiogram
  • Pharmacokinetic dosing of aminoglycosides and vancomycin
  • Providing education to patients, employees, nurses and physicians on an as-needed basis
  • Working with physicians to ensure that medications are used in the most cost-effective way
  • Ensuring that the pharmacy is in compliance with regulatory organizations
  • Comparing a list of patients’ home medications with a list of medications ordered in the hospital and contacting the physician with any significant discrepancies
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