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Thank you for choosing Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital for your care. Our goal is to always provide our patients with the very best healthcare available. As evidence of our commitment to you, Hugh Chatham is accredited by the Joint Commission, which surveys, accredits and certifies healthcare organizations that meet their extremely high standards for care.

To make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, please take a moment to review the information below.

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Helpful Information

It is our goal to provide excellent care, and we hope your stay in our hospital will be comfortable. For your convenience, we are providing you with additional information that may be helpful.

You are strongly urged to leave valuables at home. The hospital will not assume responsibility for the loss of money, jewelry, dentures, glasses or other property kept in your room.

Please bring the following item with you:

  • a nightgown or pajamas
  • nonskid slippers
  • robe
  • toiletry articles

We provide everything else you need for a comfortable stay.

To have your family and friends call your room directly, they may call 336-527-7_ _ _ (3 digit room number). They may also call 336-527-7000. This will connect them to the hospital operator, who will confirm the patient’s room number and provide the phone number that will ring directly to the room. In your room, press “9” to get an outside line.

Patients, family members and visitors may access our guest wireless internet from their cellphone, laptop or tablet device. Join the guest network by accepting the rules that apply to using the site.

Dietary services begin serving patient meals at 7 a.m. (breakfast), 12 p.m. (lunch), and 5 p.m. (dinner). Guest trays are available upon request, for a $5 cash fee. Snacks and additional meals are available upon request to your care team.

Our interpreters and translation services team address the need of patients and families who are not fluent in English or who are deaf or hard of hearing, by providing qualified medical interpreters as well as translations of key documents. The department provides interpretations over the phone or in person.

Chaplains are part of your health care team and are available to patients and their families to provide prayer, mediation and reflection. If you need to speak with a chaplain, please let your nurse or a hospital representative know and they will contact the volunteer chaplain on call.

A Rapid Response Team (RRT) is available to any nurse or family member who is concerned that the patient’s condition is deteriorating and another opinion is needed. Conditions in which RRT may be activated include, but are not limited to, threatened airway, symptomatic vital sign changes, any acute change in level of consciousness, unexplained agitation, new onset seizure, and/or subjective concern about the patient. If you have a concern regarding your condition or the condition of a patient you are visiting, please alert a staff member or call 336-527-6517. Let them know you are reporting a rapid response and provide them with the patient’s room number.

Your case manager can help you plan for your discharge. This team will work with your insurance carrier to arrange care, which may include home care (link to YVHH), durable medical equipment, and home equipment, such as a wheelchair, hospital bed, or oxygen.

Your Clinical Team

While you are a patient, your medical team cares for, diagnoses and treats you, providing you with the expertise you need. It is important to know that your health care team is not limited to members of our physician and nursing teams. There are many other individuals that may be involved in your care.

Terms You May Hear

Hospitalists are physicians whose primary professional focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients. By focusing his or her practice on the care of a hospitalized patient, a hospitalist can gain a great deal of experience in the unique aspects of a patient’s needs during the hospital stay. Hospitalists spend their workday in the hospital and thus are readily available to patients, families, nursing staff and other care team members.

A consulting physician is a physician who is qualified by specialty or experience to make a professional diagnosis and prognosis regarding the patient’s disease, and works in conjunction with your attending physician (typically a hospitalist or surgeon) to diagnose and treat conditions.

An advanced practice clinician (APC) who works under the supervision of an attending physician to provide care.

The leader of your nursing team for a given shift. RNs care for you by offering compassion, protecting your safety and privacy, promoting open and honest communication, and carrying out physician’s orders, such as giving medication, taking vital signs, and running tests.

LPNs work under the direction of an RN to help provide care during your stay performing various tasks on behalf of patients or doctors.

A direct care provider, who, under the supervision of an RN, assists with basic nursing duties, including bathing, changing linens and assisting with personal hygiene.

Case management/social work is instrumental in coordinating the treatment of patients in healthcare settings. They collaborate with other medical professionals to help ensure that patients get the medical care they need during their hospitalization and at discharge.

The Cardiopulmonary department provides accurate diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with disorders of the cardiac, pulmonary and vascular systems, tailoring the procedure and education to meet the needs of each patient. Cardiopulmonary services are provided by highly trained staff, including respiratory therapists.

Anesthesia includes physicians and certified registered nurse anesthetists who care for patients before, during and immediately following a surgical or medical procedure by administering appropriate anesthesia and monitoring the patient for reactions and complications, and to ensure comfort and manage pain.

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Services department is made up of a multi-disciplinary team with advanced degrees and certifications, resulting in exceptional depth of clinical expertise. These services work together in a multi-disciplinary team approach to provide comprehensive, coordinated, quality assessment and treatment services to patients who need our services, which include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Phlebotomists and medical lab technicians are allied medical professionals who draw blood from patients for various lab tests and procedures.

Visitor Guidelines

Visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., but some restrictions may apply for Critical Care and The BirthPlace visits. Please contact the hospital by calling 336-527-7000 for additional information.

We ask that all visitors adhere to the following guidelines when visiting patients:

For the most updated visitor policy, please visit

Use of tobacco products of any kind, as well as electronic vaping products are strictly prohibited on hospital grounds.

  • If you are bringing a child or children under the age of 12 to visit, please consult with the charge nurse prior to visiting.
  • All child visitors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their behavior.
  • HCMH staff reserves the right to ask children or adults to leave if they are disturbing patients.
  • Children are never to be left unattended.

Please park only in designated visitor parking areas.

Restroom facilities for people with disabilities are located on the first floor near the entrance to the hospital.

The Cafe is located on the first floor of the hospital, and is open the following hours:

    Lunch: 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
    Dinner: 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
    Lunch Only: 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

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Gift Shop

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital invites all patients and visitors to visit the attractive gift shop adjacent to the main entrance lobby. The gift shop operates solely with the help of our volunteers. All money received in the shop goes to meet hospital needs. Check out the monthly discount items that feature our very own gift shop mascot bears. For more information, call 336-527-7201.


Here are some nearby hotels for your convenience if a friend or loved one has a hospital stay at Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital.


This independent living retirement community is owned by HCMH and is just south of Parkwood Drive. Apartment rooms are available for Hugh Chatham patient guests. Contact us for room availability and rates.

0.5 miles south
601 Johnson Ridge Rd
Elkin, NC 28621


1.7 miles south
1101 N. Bridge St.


628 CC Camp Road
Elkin, NC 28621


3.9 miles southeast
I-77 & North Carolina Route 67


1540 North Carolina Route 67


1713 North Carolina Route 67


I-77 and North Carolina Route 67 (Exit 82)

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