Billing Information

Business office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Outpatient Service

Any applicable co-pays and deductibles are due at time of service.

Billing Information Provided to Patients After Rendering Services

A summary of charges is provided to patients after discharge. Please allow at least two weeks for this information to be forwarded. To view the Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Master List of Charges, click here.

Billing Policy for Patients without Insurance or with Partial Insurance

Any portion of a bill which is not covered (deductible and/or co-insurance) by insurance is expected to be paid at the time of service. Should payment not be made at the time of service, payment in full is due upon receipt of the bill.

Payment Arrangements and Credit Extensions

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital will accept monthly arrangements when the patient is unable to pay in full. However, a 20 percent down payment is expected on all credit arrangements. For all elective procedures not covered by insurance, an 80 percent down payment is required before the procedure can be scheduled.

Standard Charges

As part of the requirement for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) final rule on Pricing Transparency, of January 1, 2021, all U.S. hospitals are required to publicly post charges for hospital-based procedures, services, supplies, prescription drugs, and diagnostic tests, as well as fees associated with equipment or facilities used during a patient’s appointment or inpatient stay. In addition, hospitals are also required to display at least 300 shoppable services. To view the Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital’s corresponding charges associated with all inpatient and outpatient services provided, click here.

Insurance Companies That are Not Billed
  • We do not bill individual insurance that pays the patient directly. Upon request, a UB04 billing form will be provided to the patient for billing the individual insurance.
  • We accept insurance coverage only up to the amount of the total bill.
  • We neither accept nor bill third party liability coverage.
  • Settlement offers are not accepted.
Financial Resources

A financial caseworker can help you determine your eligibility for financial assistance. Please call 336-527-8370 for more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

Refunds, Overpayments and Coordination of Benefits

The business office issues refund checks every 15 days for overpayment of accounts. A check will not be issued if the patient has any outstanding accounts or when insurance overpays unless we have a letter from the insurance company to that effect. If the insurance company has a coordination of benefits clause, any overpayment will be returned to your insurance company.

Questions About Your Bill

If you have questions or need information about your bill, please call our patient representative:

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital
180 Parkwood Drive
Elkin, NC 28621

Fax: 336-836-3833

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